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x4th, tw00, zw31, zw or one of his many other aliases is the resident depressive maniac of Malvager. His favorite subjects are himself wallowing in self-pity, putting himself down and then blaming others when they confirm what he says. While this behaviour is entertaining for a mere 5 seconds, he quickly gets shunned, because even dead chats are preferred over this. While convinced that the jews are taking over the world (no, really) and inherently racist, x4th has amassed an impressive amount of spectacularily idiotic quotes, amongst which his most recent one:

<x4th> Beauty can be objectively stated, whether someone is attractive or not is an objective fact

Furthermore, he ragequits from Malvager frequently, claiming he'll “be gone forever”. Of course, he comes back within a month or so, only to whine about how shit his life's been during his absence from Malvager.

He also threatened Pilopew one day:

<x4th> I'm going to come to delft and kill you Pilopew, you've made it my personal mission in life and my only goal, to hunt you down and kill you.
<x4th> It might be tomorrow or a week from now a year from now, but one day you'll be walking down the street and I'll shoot you in the face.
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