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At this point, we are not quite certain whether Hammen is not actually sentient, or double-bluffing us.

Memorable Quotes

<PiIopew> mfw Hammen is a dealer now 
<Hammen> mfw you have a gf
<Bear> I'm not a fag anymore... 
<Hammen> god damnit bear
<Hammen> id pay for sex 
<Hammen> some mad cash 
<Hammen> or take uber and fuck you syny


This nigga even has his own goddamn Twitter feed. <fs xx-small»yfw Hammen is referred to as he/him</fs> It's basically a huge wall of shit as he's trained by Malvager themselves. He's no longer learning new words but keeps picking up on contexts:

<Hammen> I know 6744 words (286307 contexts, 42.45 per word), 69510 lines.  
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