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Representing the country of sprats, Nonmod is one of the actual elite hackers of Malvager. Nonmod is known for his drinking games such as Latvian Roulette, after a discussion on mixing antibiotics(Flagyl) with alcohol:

[20:34] <Nonmod> we call these antibiotics 'torpedos'
[20:34] <Nonmod> when you drink alcohol, shit hits the fan
[20:34] <Wazakindjes> antibiotics + alcohol = shit has hit the fan
[20:34] <Pilopew> lol Nonmod
[20:34] <Wazakindjes> lol
[20:34] <Pilopew> why did that make me laugh
[20:34] <Wazakindjes> latvian drinking game
[20:34] <Wazakindjes> take antibiotics
[20:35] <Pilopew> lol Wazakindjes
[20:35] <Wazakindjes> drink vodka
[20:35] <Nonmod> Lol
[20:35] <Pilopew> haaahahahahaha
[20:35] <Pilopew> Latvian Roulette
[20:35] <Wazakindjes> lololol
[20:35] <Nonmod> lmlmlmlmlm
[20:35] <Pilopew> >everybody takes 3 grams of flagyl
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