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One of the people that come in every now and then is Armin, more eastern-european scum. Armin is a 1m90 tall, 65 kg auschwitzfag convinced that he's in good shape. By the way, that's not ribs you're seeing, those are “obliques”.



Armin's incredible idiocy does not stop here. Topping even Pilopew at being pretentious, his most outrageous claims are being an electrical engineer. As the community was fascinated by this acclaimed set of skills, soon questions were fired instantly to test the actual knowledge of said engineer. As per usual, excuses were quick to appear, and it was instantly clear Armin is just as much an electrical engineer as I am when replacing a lightbulb:

[19:37] <Wazakindjes> I have a strip with X RGB LEDs on it. The strip has +12V electricity and per LED color one
contact. With as little materials as possible, how do I make it so that the LEDs can practically emit every color?  
12V adapter is a given.
[19:37] <Wazakindjes> have fun
[19:37] <Armin> hmm
[19:37] <Armin> put them in paralel
[19:37] <Armin> make sure you add
[19:37] <Armin> resistor to each one
[19:38] <Armin> solder
[19:38] <Armin> you are done :)
[19:38] <Wazakindjes> lol
[19:38] <Wazakindjes> you're so fucking retarded
[19:38] <Armin>
[19:38] <Armin> my math
[19:38] <Armin> xD
[19:38] <Nonmod> lol Armin
[19:38] <Wazakindjes> queer
[19:38] <Nonmod> >resistor
[19:38] <Armin> yeah
[19:38] <Wazakindjes> Nonmod: so far for the electrical engineer
[19:38] <Armin> so you don't burn them
[19:38] <Nonmod> in parallel LEDs
[19:38] <Armin> xD
[19:39] <Nonmod> constant resistor would fuck up
[19:39] <Armin> 100ohms would do
[19:39] <Wazakindjes> you suck horribly Armin
[19:39] <Armin> sup
[19:39] <Wazakindjes> you're nowhere near an electrical engineer
[19:39] <Armin> u are mad
[19:39] <Nonmod> or aerospace
[19:39] <Nonmod> xd
[19:40] <Armin> < Electronics engineer right there
[19:41] <Wazakindjes> sure you are
[19:41] <Erroneous> lmf
[19:41] <Erroneous> sure Armin
[19:41] <Erroneous> maybe auschwitz mode
[19:41] <Armin> yup
[19:41] <Armin> you are just jelly
[19:42] <Armin> I thought you meant
[19:42] <Armin> single led's Wazakindjes
[19:42] <Armin> not this strip
[19:42] <Armin> strips are for cunts who know shit
[19:43] <Wazakindjes> Armin: fact remains you're a retarded, pretentious fuck

Full log can be found here

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