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Originator of the turd-culture, Wazakindjes nowadays spends most of his time writing obscure Perl code that hacks the space-time continuum, and making Skynet happen.

Turds: Origins

The concept of turds originated from Wazakindjes, who decided this would be a new, innovative way to shitpost, way back in the #hackforums days. Though initially, the expression was of little interest, it became a hype as soon as psycho decided it was a forbidden word:

<Wazakindjes> turds
<psycho> the next one to say turds is awarded a ban
<Wazakindjes> turds
psycho set mode +b Wazakindjes!*@*
psycho kicked Wazakindjes from the channel (psycho)

This sequence of events triggered a ravenous hype by all 7 active users in the channel, making it into a true shitposting culture that would last until even today.

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