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A significant part of Malvager history is attributed to kye. Though now a much-despised member of the community for having condemned the old, content-rich wiki (amongst other things), one of the most defining moments in Malvager history originate from his mind. Deciding that ZNC idling users would be the ideal target for PM flooding, he posted the following tutorial to HackForums (see screenshot).

The result was of course a flood of PMs, and almost all members of the entire channel (a whopping amount of less than 10 vaguely active users) logged into their ZNCs to be flooded with 'hello hello epic torl'.

Of course, the Malvager opers acted swiftly. After a month or more of the posting, the phrases were completely banned, network wide.

[12:38] mibbit_fld!mibbit@1990.3899.IP has joined #hackforums
[12:40] mibbit_fld!mibbit@1990.3899.IP disconnected (User has been permanently banned from the Malvager network (no reason))

Entertaining situations such as the above would from now on occasionally disrupt the intensely dead chats of #hackforums.

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